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We are thrilled that everyone who uses a Tutunyou product is getting an item worthy of a princess.
~Margie Wildason

I grew up in an amazing family of 10. As the only girl my mother, an exceptional seamstress, was determined to have her own partner in crime, so she taught me her craft and enrolled me in dance classes. Dance quickly became a very personal passion for me. It was a way for me to express myself and connect with other girls when the house full of boys became a little overwhelming and lonely. Dance was a  part of me and my everyday life for many years

When I had children my life changed dramatically, as it does, and my passion for dance was put aside.

Then, quite suddenly, dance reentered my life a in most devastating way. The year my youngest went off to college was the same year my mother passed away. That fall I started dancing again. It was a way for me to destress and have fun. Dance helped me deal, and after so many years, I found myself again.

Today, my passion for dance has been translated into a fulfilling business. I honor my mother by hand made costumes, bags, and accessories for those little dancers, and for others who share my passion. And it’s blossomed into something beautiful

I set out to create the most unique tutus items for all ages from the tiniest princess thru adults bringing the passion of dance outside the studio and into the home.

It turns out…

The road was more difficult than I imagined.
Building a website is easy but getting people to find you on the Internet is difficult. A picture is worth a thousand words but if no one sees your products it does not matter.

So we did our research on ways to promote our site and reach customers who would benefit from our products. Countless hours of surveys, analysis, customer feedback and sleepless nights. Some days self doubt would creep up because you’re robbing Peter to pay Paul while pursuing your passion asking yourself can I really do this?! But I had to just Believe, take a leap of faith and follow my dream.

We released our first products in 2014 and the response has been pure magic!

Not only…

have I found a new passion in teaching and hand making, I’ve discovered other people’s passion for our products as well. Through customer reviews we’ve seen that those who use our Tutunyou™ products agree that they are getting high quality items worthy of their princess.

Whether it is one of our fabulous tutus, a creative decoration or a customized princess dress, there is something for your little dancer. It is our hope that with one of our products we will bring happiness to a dancer and help them express themselves as the shining star they are.

Life is short…

so live, love, smile and wear tutus! You can’t help but smile when you see someone wearing a tutu! And that’s our mission; to bring a smile to the face of every little girl who receives a Tutunyou product.

Share a smile today, and customize the order just for her.

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