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How to attach a tutu to a high chair

Attaching High Chair Tutus

Have you ever wondered how to attach a tutu to a high chair for your babies first birthday?

Here is a simply way to attach your hand made tutu to a high chair.

Measure your high chair tray first, from one side to the other. Make your tutu 16 inches longer than the actual length  of the tray. This will give you an extra 8 inches on each side. Create your tutu in the colors of your choice with the desired length. The sample in this video is 12 inches long. We handcraft our tutus extra full and fluffy using tulle fabric made in America.

Once the tutu is made you need to attach it securely to the tray.

When adding the tutu to your high chair, the easiest way to do it is to attach it using glue dots. They are easy to apply and can be removed using a baby wipe. Start by applying the glue dots to the outside of the tray. Start at the back of one side and continue all the way around to the other side. Then start tying your tutu on piece by piece until you have gone all around to cover the entire tray. Both ends should have an 8 inch tail of ribbon or tulle tied in a knot around the back of your chair. Press the tutu in to the dots to make sure it is secure. Once your tutu is applied you’re done!

You can watch me attach the high chair tutu in the video below. If you have questions email us at info@tutunyou.com 

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