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Traveling With Tutus

Red Polka Dot Minnie Inspired Tutu

Traveling With Tutus

You did it! You purchased a beautiful tutu! Let’s go over some tips about traveling with your tutu.

Now you are going on vacation and don’t know how to pack it in your suitcase.

Well, here are a few traveling tips for you.

Hand made tutus are very full and fluffy.

Keep you tutu hanging on a hanger until you are ready to pack your suitcase.

Traveling with tutus isn’t difficult once you know a few tricks. First, keep your tutu hanging on a hanger until you are ready to pack your suitcase. Using your hands, pinch the tutu at the waist and then roll inward until it’s like a tube; this way you can put it into a bag or pillow case for easy travel. Another option is to fluff the skirt out and lay it over other clothes in your suitcase; this will make your tutu act as the top layer of clothes, keeping everything else underneath from getting damaged during travel. As an added bonus, rolling up this way helps keep the tutu wrinkle-free once you arrive at your destination!


Once you arrive at your destination remove your tutu and hang it up. If your skirt is wrinkled hang it in the bathroom and let the steam from your shower or bath help to de wrinkle it. It can also be sprayed with Downey wrinkle release. Simply spray and gently run your hands over the tutu to smooth the wrinkles away.

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